Local Driving Instructors In Bristol, Redcliffe & Southville

Learn to drive in Bristol with one of A-Class Driving School's fully qualified and Approved Bristol Driving Instructors (ADIs).  No trainee driving instructors work out of our school, guaranteeing you quality, well planned and delivered lessons.  Our instructors will collect you from your home, work or other designated collection point and return you after where they will then provide feed back on your session and plan for future lessons.  Our vehicles are all award winning, equipped with industry standard He-Man dual controls for your safety and a host of mod-cons to make learning with us as stress free, enjoyable and educational as possible preparing you for solo driving once qualified. 

Will Dracott


Learn to drive in the new Fiat 500

Multi International Award Winning Car
  • Small & sleek 
  • Easy to drive with power steering 
  • Easy to park
  • Great visibility all round
  • Fitted with industry standard He-Man dual controls 
  • Solid engineering, scoring top marks in EuroNCAP crash test results
  • Adjustable steering wheel helps prevent arm fatigue
  • Height adjustable seating to accommodate all drivers heights
  • Climate control to keep your environment perfect 
  • Pollen filter to help those with hay-fever
  • Eco-Friendly stop/start technology to ensure a low carbon footprint
  • Only 110g of CO2 per KM  
  • Over 30 international car awards since it's inception in 200
  • Digital speed read out
  • Built in sat nav

"I passed my test first time with Will at A-Class Driving School on Wednesday with only a few minors and I can't rate the company highly enough. I wasn't able to practise outside of lessons - having just an hour a week with Will. After just a few lessons he quickly assessed areas that I needed to work on that ensured every minute of the lesson was used to help me pass with confidence. Will is personable, adaptable and patient. If I wasn't understanding something then he would explain it another way until I had got it. The day of my test Will calmed my nerves by giving me reassurance and confidence that I was absolutely test ready and that there was no reason I couldn't pass. That was all I needed to hear and went out with confidence and got my licence! Will, I can't thank you and your ace company enough. THE BEST!"

- Rebecca Horder - July 2016

Dave Allenby


Learn to drive in the Ford Fiesta

Four Trophies WhatCar? 2013

  • Contemporary style with state of the art technology
  • The 1.5TDCi engine produces just 98g/KM of CO2
  • Electronic Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS) - lighter steering when parking and heavier when travelling fast
  • He-Man dual controls for your safety
  • Electronic Automated Climate Control
  • Automatic headlights
  • Fully adjustable seating to suit everyone
  • 5 star Euro NCAP award for safety
  • Hill Start Assist (Stops your rolling backwards)
  • Electronic  Stability  Control (ESC) helps prevents skidding 
  • Pollen filter
  • Airbags from all angles
  • ABS and EBD for braking
  • 2013 WhatCar? of the year.  Scooping an  unprecedented 4 trophies
"I was taught by Dave Allenby and passed 1st time, thanks to his patience and expertise.
I'm now 40 and had begun to give up hope I could get my license after having taken lessons with 2 other driving instructors in the past, then run out of money to continue the course each time.
Dave was exceptional in his clearly thought out explanations presented with a consistently calm and friendly approach. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone thinking of learning to drive. I am in the unusual position of having had several instructors and Dave was in my opinion the best. He aims to teach you a good driving style for life and exceed the test standards so that you're prepared for driving safely and with confidence after you pass. He has very well researched techniques for dealing with everything and is very good at explaining them. I am now inspired to continue improving my driving style through more experience. I passed with 4 minor faults, which I am eager to improve upon. Looking forward to my post-test motorway lesson with Dave now!
Many thanks to Dave Allenby, an outstanding instructor." 

- Adam Baly - Nov 2017

 Paul Hanley


Learn to drive in the Citroen DS3

Multi International Award Winning Car

  • Multi Car of the year winner 2011
  • Power Assisted Steering
  • ABS
  • All Angle Airbags
  • Air Con/Climate Control
  • He-Man Dual Controls
  • Auto Lights and Wipers
  • Reversing Sensors
  • Stop/Start Technology
  • Cruise Control
  • Speed Limiter
  • 1.6ltr Diesel

 "Paul Hanley was an incredible instructor. I'd only ever driven a few times with my dad so was nervous when I first started my lessons but Paul quickly made me feel comfortable to the point where I actually enjoyed the lessons. 
He's a very attentive instructor who chats as you drive making you more relaxed yet he spots everything: hazards on the road, mistakes you make, everything! He made me so much more aware of potential hazards that not even the theory test prepared me for. Paul is very patient and wants you to succeed and not just pass the test but become a safe and confident driver. 
Paul has a great knowledge of cars, test routes, and driving in general. I felt prepared for the test and any possible roads I might be taken on. 
Paul is very flexible with where you start and end lessons as well as lesson times and days making it easy to fit in lesson around a busy schedule."

- Nat Zajaczkowski - June 2018

 Richard Miller


Learn to drive in the Renault Megane

Multi Award winning vehicle for many years

  • D-que TT Energy Dci S/S model
  • 5 door
  • Air con
  • Stop/Start
  • Climate control
  • Sat Nav
  • Keyless
  • Cruise control
  • Auto Wiper 
  • Auto lights

"I have been learning with Richard since mid August and having learnt with two previous teachers in two other cities, he has definitely been the best teacher I have learnt with. He is very honest, constructive, patient with me and calm, which I believe were very crucial to my learning and which definitely helped me pass first time! I can't thank him enough, I would definitely recommend A Class and of course, Richard.
Thank you!" 
- Linh Hoang - Dec 2016 
Jim Walshe


Learn to drive in the Suzuki Alto

"I contacted A-Class Driving School in a panic when my advanced / taxi driving test date came through earlier than expected. Although I had been driving for over 30 years, I had many bad habits and knew that an assessment of my current standard was likely to see me struggle to make the grade. Despite extreme short notice (my test was less than 10 days away when I called) Jim managed to find a slot for me within a few days and we met up at The Mall, Cribbs Causeway. The last time I had had an accompanied assessment, The Specials were at number 1 and Duran Duran had not yet had a hit single. But Jim was a superb instructor and, without destroying my confidence, constructively outlined exactly what I needed to address in a warm, friendly and professional manner. For half an hour he monitored my progress through busy streets until we stopped for a debrief. For the next half an hour Jim gently reminded me of faults, always using my first name and always picking up on errors when I hoped he had not noticed. For the final hour, Jim outlined exactly the standards that my test would demand while helping me to iron out so many of the bad habits that over 3 decades of unconscious repetition had helped to make permanent. The 2 hours I spent with Jim were absolutely invaluable - and ridiculously good value for money considering what was at stake for me. To any mature drivers with an advanced or taxi test looming then I would urge you to contact Will and his team for support and a refresher course. For any older mums and dads with young children, invest in a lesson or two to remind yourselves how our bad habits can make us far less safe on the road. You will be amazed at how much confidence you will gain and how much you will learn - even after decades of normal driving. So my review is not from a young learner who has recently passed their test. It is from an old dog who really could be taught new tricks by a talented instructor who took the time to return a desperate call and to deliver superb support when I really needed it. And did I pass? Yes I did - and with a commendation. Thank you Jim."

Piers McBride - Nov 2018
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