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Review of Bristol's A-Class Driving School
After having started learning to drive a good few years ago at college, I was put off driving when a number of my close friends were involved in a very serious car accident. When I did finally pluck up the courage to start practicing all these years later (and life required it), I found that I had become very nervous and fearful behind the wheel. On the bright side; I decided I best do something about it. A recent student of the driving school recommended that I get in touch with Will. I am incredibly pleased and relieved that I did, as the tuition that I received helped me get over my earlier fears of driving and as a result I now really enjoy it. Will is incredibly attentive, meticulous, endlessly patient and often highly inventive in conceptualising some of the more complex concepts for the individual. The lessons I had were always extremely well planned and had a clear overall trajectory. It was clear to me that Will really enjoys teaching and engaging with his students. I received more than anyone could expect from their driving instructor: advice on passing the theory test, access to very useful online tutorials and videos, advice on what kind of car to buy after I passed my test, motorway tuition and I was even taught how to park my own car after I had finally chosen it - free of charge. I cannot recommend Will’s driving school highly enough. They have an outstanding pass rate and it is not hard to see why - you’re not just taught how to pass the test, you’re taught how to be a well-balanced, confident and safe new driver.
Will Dracott at Bristol's A-Class Driving School
Date published: 07/16/2013
5 stars / 5 stars stars

Driving School Testimonials

Richard was a superb instructor! Very helpful in explaining how to approach driving safely and provided helpful instructions, tips and techniques that enabled me to pass first time with 3 minors! I found the intensive course exceptional and would definitely recommend Richard and A Class Driving School to anyone learning to drive!

Nick Jones - 22 Nov 2017

PASSED FIRST TIME!! I really don’t like driving. Mainly because of my previous instructors would let me down all the time, late to my lessons and one even told me to book a test and then decided to go on holiday the week before. I never felt confident or safe in the car and quite frankly felt like these instructors were just happy to take my money.
My theory was coming to an end and I knew I needed to book a test. I decided after all the money I had spent in the past on lessons that maybe an intensive course would be worth the time and money.
I found a few intensive courses online but narrowed it down to A-Class Driving. It was the BEST decision ever.
Paul was my instructor and he was fantastic! Most people call him "firm but fair" and that is exactly what he is. He pushed me way out of my comfort zone and really built my confidence up (which I never thought was possible). You need to be mentally strong for such an intensive course, but with Paul I felt like it was possible to pass. At times when Paul could see I was beginning to get a little stressed, we would stop for lunch and he’d always bribe me with sugary treats if we had a good day of driving. I had doubts about whether Id pass or fail my test, just like everyone else, but Paul had good faith in me and assured me Id pass.
In 5 days, Paul helped me go from nervous and scared to a skilled independent driver. I am so grateful he helped me succeed. Thank you again Paul!

Hayley - 30 Oct 2017

Thanks to Dave, I passed my driving test first time with no minor faults at all!
I came to Dave as a fairly nervous driver, but his calm and considered approach quickly put me at ease. He has clearly put a lot of thought into his teaching methods, with an emphasis on planning ahead. This made driving lessons calm and enjoyable.

Dave takes his professional responsibilities very seriously, but is still warm and friendly. He really went above and beyond in the run up to my test, and I could tell he was rooting for me.

I am very proud of my no-faults first-time pass, but more importantly I also feel confident and ready to drive on the roads independently. Dave prepared me for the test and for real life too!

Ellie Matthews - 4 Apr 2017

I took driving lessons at two earlier points in my life, but had to move on from both of them for job reasons without taking a test. So Paul Hanley was actually the third instructor I ever had - and by far the best.

He's a very attentive, observant instructor who holds you to a very high standard and picks up on every little mistake - but manages to do so in a way that's neither nagging or confrontational, but makes you want to do better. He's a patient and careful man who encourages you through difficult patches and notices when you do something well as well as something badly. Unlike my previous instructors, I felt he genuinely wanted me to learn properly and be the best, rather than show up, drive a bit and hopefully tick a few more boxes after each lesson. Added to that is a great and wicked sense of humour that made me look forward to the next lesson.

But where Paul really shines is how deep and impressive his knowledge is - of cars, the road, the test, the areas you drive through, the driving assessment centres and their most common routes. He takes you through every scenario you're likely to face on the test and makes sure you're ready and able to deal with every one of them. Paul seems to have spent his entire life involved with cars some way or another, and it shows; I've rarely felt so prepared for a test as when I rocked up to the assessment centre.

Added to all this, Paul actually cares and fights your corner. My first test I failed due to a bit of stupidity and carelessness on my part. My second I actually should have passed, but the inexperienced examiner at Southmead made a mistake and failed me. Paul went through what had happened with me, concluded that my fail wasn't justified and encouraged me to appeal the result. I did, and the fail was overturned - meaning I got my fee refunded and an official apology from DVSA (though unfortunately had to take the test yet again due to a stupid system which doesn't let you change the result. ) Today I passed on my third time.

It's a weird fact he noted today that a driving instructor is doing his best to get rid of his customers - and while I'm not sorry to have finally passed and finished with all this, I'll genuinely miss our lessons. Cheers, man.

Jeremy L - 18 Jan 2017

Will Dracott is an exceptional instructor. He taught me how to drive in ten days when I had the most serious doubts about my ability to learn this sort of things. His extreme calm and gentleness have already been mentioned here and I can only confirm. Not even smashing his door mirror onto a van one morning was enough to make this man lose his composure! Will is incredibly competent at explaining things, in online tutorials, with his magnet little cars and orally, always mixing encouragement and constructive criticism to help you progress and build your confidence at the same time – which is a very difficult thing to do. He went out of his way to be helpful, even seeing me twice on what should have been his day off. He also never stinted his time, energy or attention. Everything in his training is customised both to you as a learner and to the particular test you will have to take. I have been extremely impressed by his level of professionalism combined with his personal attention. Will really cares about his pupils passing, and he knows exactly how to make this happen. Public thanks to him.

Eric Descheemaeker - 18 Jul 2010

Will Dracott is an excellent driving instructor and I can't recommend him enough. Through his tuition I passed my theory and practical first time, even though originally I had very little confidence in ever passing either! He is very patient, friendly and calm and always puts the learner first

Josie Hill - 16 Jul 2010

I had never driven a day in my life before I met Will. He has such patience and is very articulate. He has no problem explaining any trouble you had in your lesson; the reason why it happen and how you can stop it from happening again, which I feel is really important for grown of skill and confidence in driving. Any problems you have with manoeuvres he takes his time to cater the solution to you. He has superb calming abilities, you feel at ease at all times. All you would ever need in a driving instructor. Thank you again Will x
Lisa Kwatenma
- 21 Jun 2010

I've had lessons with several instructors and Will is definitely the best. With his help I passed with only four minors. Will's instruction is always clear and he plans really well for each single lesson to help you build up the skills effectively. He is very generous to give me extra hour before the day of the test to go through everything I need. An absolutely professional and nice instructor! I will recommend to anyone who wants to learn driving!
Corlinna Kong
- 14 Jun 2010

I'm not the easiest person at the best of times and will was extremly patient with me. He knew when I was ready for my test and calmed my nerves on the day. I couldn't quite grasp the concept of reverse parking so will went out in his own time to find me a new way which worked I thought this was such a nice thing for him to do and good job he did cause I had it on my test, most driving instructors just want your money and don't really care but will was diffrent so I would say anyone who is taught by will is very very lucky. Great guy and a very good teacher. Thanks will : )
Jodie harper
- 22 May 2010

I passed with only two minors thanks to Will and his website. The website was a massive help!! Plus, Will has such a calming nature and is soo patient, which I feel helped me in every lesson because I didn't feel under pressure at all, I felt at home. His teaching methods helped me a lot aswell!! And I was very pleased with the prices!!! I defintely want to go for pass plus!! Many thanks Will!!
Benson Joseph
- 22 May 2010

"A good driver does not necessarily make a good driving instructor. What you get with Will is someone who understands the methods of teaching, the concept of learning and the importance of building & maintaining confidence. His calm & patient nature provides a relaxed atmosphere in which to learn and his high level of organisation & planning means that lessons are well structured and adapted to optimise your benefit. Will's forward thinking, pro-active attitude is reflected in his website which acts as a vital tool for the learner to study & revise everything covered in the lessons. I probably spent as much time on the website as I did in the car, which really helped me to digest all the information and doubled what I obtained in return for my money. It is clear that Will enjoys teaching as well as driving and I can not recommend him highly enough. He has an outstanding pass rate and I'm glad I could add to it by passing first time. Thanks again Will!"
James - April 11th 2010

"Out of all the driving instructors I choose Will Dracott, which was the best decision that I ever made.  He has such a calming nature and is so patient. No wonder I passed first time!  I am defientely coming back for the pass plus course."
Samina - February 10th 2010

"Will is fantastic not only did he offer constant reassurance and confidence boosting he made every lesson worthwhile and was able to customise each lesson to nerves and ability. I felt constantly at ease and would recommend him to anybody starting out in the world of driving!"
John - February 5th 2010

"I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Will- he was very patient with me and helped me to gain a lot of confidence in my driving. I have just passed my driving test first time and believe that to be as a result of his excellent teaching methods and his willingness to help me in every way possible.
Paulina - February 4th 2010

"I really have enjoyed my driving lessons with Will. He was very patient with me and gave me a lot of information for driving. His website was also very helpful for reviewing at home.  In my opinion, the 2 week intensive course was definitely a perfect course for taking the test in a short term with good value of money.
Eriko Koyama
- 25 Nov 2009"

"I passed first time thanks to Will. So patient, professional and helpful. I was really nervous when I first started to drive and he really put me at ease. I would recommend him to anyone.
Shireen Allison - 3 Nov 2009"

"100% recommended..Will was a brilliant instructor. I was really nervous when I first started driving and driving with Will helped so much as he is a relaxed instructor. I passed the first time and also went on to do the Pass Plus scheme he offers..that was brilliant to!!! Thank You Will
Meera Patel - 20 Aug 2009"

"Will Dracott at Bristol Driving School came highly recommended to me and with his calm, friendly and patient approach and I can see why. I was able to fit lessons in at times that suited me and lessons included excellent advice about particularly tricky parts of the test routes. Lessons were very enjoyable and informative and I felt very well prepared for the test. One more thing to mention is the support available on Will's website which was invaluable throughout learning to drive. I quickly got over any nerves I had about driving and passed first time!
Sarah Garlick - 19 Aug 2009"

"Will was recommended to me by a friend as I was not getting on with my previous instructor. Will really went out of his way to make sure I was comfortable and relaxed which really helped me get the most out of the lessons. Most of all I just got on with him. Really nice guy. Passed first time and so can't recommend him enough! Thanks Will!"
Martin Jarvis - 4 Jun 2009

Will taught me to drive in style in a Mercedes A Class! I passed first time thanks to expert teaching through professional yet relaxed lessons. Thank you- I'll be back for my Pass Plus!
Nick Rees - 25 May 2009