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The Right Reverse

The chances of reversing around the corner to the right are exceptionally slim.  In all my years of teaching, I've never had a student asked to perform this manoeuvre on test day.  The reasons for this are numerous.  The DSA isn't keen on inexperienced drivers being on the wrong side of the road for starters.  You'll be on the wrong side for a long time, for half of it mostly hidden.  The other big issue for me is that when completing this manoeuvre you would need to come back around 8-10 car lengths.  The chances of there being a road this clear of parked up vehicles in minimal, especially living in a city like Bristol.  With all this said, danger aside, I actually believe it's easier than the left reverse as you can actually see the pavement you're following the whole way round.

right reverse, reverse around the corner

1.  The first step, as always is to POM before going anywhere.

2. Position yourself as if you were turning right at the junction, hold off on a signal until it can not be seen as misleading.

3. Come over to the right hand kerb, several meters past the mouth of the road making sure not to interfere with oncoming traffic.  You should be positioned no more than 1/2 meter from the kerb.  Secure the car and select reverse gear.

4. Observe and when save to do so start to come back until you feel your back right wheel is level with the first curved corner stone.  This is going to be so much easier here as you can look out of your side window at the pavement.  Open the window if need be.

5. Make sure it is clear in all directions here, it's an extremely important observation.  Do not move if you feel as though you're going to slow anything down.  You'll be wanting to look over your right shoulder here at the pavement whilst moving to see the kerb and to stay the same distance as you come around.  If you hear or see anything, stop.  Take time to see what the danger is about.  Make sure you stop when the car is between the two roads (sitting on top of the give way lines).  Observe again everywhere, including towards the pavement for all road users. 

6.  When you are parallel with the kerb, I'd stop again to kill the speed, get better control and to check by using the door mirror if I'm in-line with the pavement or not.  If you are, get the car moving again and take the turn off.  Our wheels need to be straight and have no angle either towards or away from the kerb in order to come back the safe distance successfully.

7. You need to come back 8-10 car lengths here.  It's a huge distance.  This is to ensure that you can get safely back onto your side of the road when we move away.  Once you've come back this distance, stop and secure your car.

8. POM.  First gear, the observations here will need to be reversed.  You're blind spot check here is over your left shoulder.  The MASSIVE danger here is the threat of oncoming cars screaming into the new road.  Get over ASAP when you have seen it's safe to do so, do not hang about.