A-Class Driving School - Mock Driving Test

Mock Driving Exam - These are for all learner drivers, not just those who are our students.  When it comes to replicating what your exam will be like, there is nothing better than having someone unfamiliar next to you watching and anaylising your every move.  Having a mock driving exam with your own driving instructor is all good and well, but the true test is being able to drive with someone you're unfamiliar with in the passenger seat.  The aim isn't necessarily to pass or fail, it's to get used to someone else observing your driving ability and to see, when left to your own devices, where your strengths and weakness lay.  Then with the remaining time you have before your big day, to focus your training on those issues to bring you up to test standard and to hopefully earn your licence.

The mock driving exam would be around 45 minutes long, experiencing several different type of road conditions, performing all the manoeuvres, 20 minutes of independent driving and an emergency stop.   After the exam has been completed you'll receive a detailed analysis explaining how you did, where you went wrong and what you would need to work on to improve your driving and reach test standard.  The exam will be replicated as close to the real thing as possible, including the "show me tell me" questions.  You can take the exam in your own car or ours, however, if you wish to take it in your own vehicle, you'll need to be displaying L plates on the front and rear of the car and provide the instructor/examiner with a an additional rear view mirror. 

For further help in getting yourself up to test standard and passing your driving test, feel free to use our online driving tutorials and have a read of our top 10 tips for passing your driving test

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