Young Driver carInsurance

There are a number of difficulties which are faced by young drivers in today’s society, many people believe because they do not have years of experience behind them they are not as careful on the road as someone who has been driving for 10 years. There is also a perception that younger drivers are more likely to drink and drive or take drugs before driving than any other age group. There may be some validity to these assumptions based on statistics which show one in four deaths on the road are deaths of young people and DSA figures show that two under 25s are killed on the road each day in Britain and one in three drivers who die in the UK roads are under 25 as well. Despite the statistics it is important to note that not all young drivers are bad drivers. For many this is their first taste of freedom to go wherever they want whenever they want and as such they tend to be more careful in their driving than someone who has been driving a while. This is partly due to their lack of experience and that they don’t want to cause a crash which will damage their car and partly because they want to learn to be better drivers. It is due to the types of statistics mentioned above that car insurance can be expensive for young and new drivers however by shopping around it is possible to get cheaper levels of insurance. Take the insurance company Endsleigh, due to their links to student insurance they are able to offer some of the best quotes around as they have a number of specialist young driver car insurance schemes to compare prices on. On top of this they also offer young and new drivers some great bonuses for taking out insurance with them such as 90 days European cover for free, meaning it is cheaper than ever to take a road trip during the holidays!