Brislington Test Centre

Government Buildings 
Flowers Hill
Bath Road
01179 776143

Brislington Test Route Trouble Spots

Leaving the test centre
Keynsham - High Street with Charlton Road
Hick's Gate roundabout
Brislington Hill
St. Phillips Causeway

Think some other place is difficult to navigate?  Send me an email and I will add it to the list.

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I would like to thank you for your invaluable online information on the Brislington test centre.  My daughter took her test there and passed yesterday.   She had lots of lessons and made two unsuccessful attempts at the test four or five years ago at the Trowbridge test centre which has now been closed.  There was only one booking available at Brislington and that was at 8.40 am yesterday. My daughter's second theory certificate was due to expire tomorrow.  We downloaded some of the test routes and followed them carefully, bearing in mind that she had never had any lessons in Bristol.  Your advice on various potential pitfalls was gratefully taken.  After my daughter had watched your St Philips Causeway video she said "I wish I'd have had a driving instructor like that".  Me too!

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Brislington Test Routes 

Bristol_Brislington_Cars_Routes1-5.pdf Bristol_Brislington_Cars_Routes1-5.pdf
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Bristol_Brislington_Cars_Routes6-10.pdf Bristol_Brislington_Cars_Routes6-10.pdf
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Bristol_Brislington_Cars_Routes_11-15.pdf Bristol_Brislington_Cars_Routes_11-15.pdf
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Bristol_Brislington_Cars_Routes16-20.pdf Bristol_Brislington_Cars_Routes16-20.pdf
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Show Me / Tell Me
Have you looked at the 'Show Me - Tell Me' questions yet?

People often fail on the following at Brislington test centre

-Not overtaking slow cars on the dual carriageways with national speed limits.
-NEW for 2012! The speed has been reduced along the Bath Road heading from the test centre to the Hick's Gate Roundabout.  It's gone from 50 mph to 40 mph, but now  shortly after the entrance to the Bus Park and Ride.
-Leaving the test centre and not observing to the right.
-Bus lane issues with early tests.

-Waiting for filter light to turn on before entering the junction/making progress.
-Not holding back when meeting oncoming traffic.