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Brislington Test Centre -
Keynsham High Street

This is possibly the busiest stretch of road on all of the test routes for Brislington, specially on Saturday.  Not only should you be on your guard for potential pedestrians walking out into the streets, but also for motorists trying all sorts of weird and wonderful parking manoeuvres.  Often people pull across the road to grab a parking space and expect all other drivers around them to read their mind, then give them plenty of room to get their vehicle into a space.  I would recommend staying in 2nd gear for the whole stretch. 

The reason why I've included this page in the toruble spot areas is the bizarre junction at the east end of town, see below for a satellite image of the junction.

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The junction is unlike anything I've seen elsewhere and can prove very tricky.  If you are coming from the test centre into Keynsham (so from the top of the image downwards) you wouldn't have much of an issue.  If you want to head down into Keynsham high street, you would MSM to the left, even though you are driving straight on.  You would have to cancel the signal after entering the new road as it won't turn off as you haven't turned the wheel.

If you are heading back towards the test centre (coming from the bottom of the image and probably about 30 minutes into your test) you'll have to be on your guard.  As you can see from the image it's a give way situation.  What makes it strange is the the road coming from the left also ends here and they also have to give way, essentially to you if you emerge here.  What makes this junction so frustrating is that the cars on approach towards you often don't signal.  If a car is siganalling to the left, they intend to come off the road and down the high street, meaning you could go.  If they have no signal, they want to stay on the main road and cross your path, meaning you'll have to wait.  Lots of people don't quite know what to do here, fail to put on a signal and then head down the high street.  so you have to be a little bit of a mind reader here!  What can really help is the pedestrian crossing to your left.  As soon as someone wants to cross, the cars on the main road have to yield and once two cars have stopped, they will leave some space right infront of you as there is a yellow box allowing you to emerge.  Now, in theory this all seems lovely, however, lots of cars ignore this yellow box, and the cars emerging from the left some times go at the same time causing learners to hesitate and as soon as that happens, the pedestrians have crossed and it all starts flowing again.  The best advice here is to take your time.  It's better to pick up a minor for undue hesitation than to be rash and slow a car down and pick up a serious/dangerous fault.