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The Hick's Gate Roundabout

This has been the cause of many a headache for learners over the years and can seem a little confusing at first.  Once you get your eye in, understand the markings, the route you need to take and how it works in regards to the traffic light system, it becomes (hopefully) obvious.  We call them traffic light controlled or spiral rondabouts.

First off, please note THE IMAGE USED BELOW IS AN OLD ONE, GOOGLE HAVE NOT UPDATED THEIR SYSTEM AND THE ROUNDABOUT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THIS ANYMORE.  I've waited long enough for the satellite images to update, but I don't think it's going to happen any time soon.

First of all.  If you are heading from the test centre (coming from the left in this image) and are asked to follow the ring road, you DO NOT need to go onto the roundabout.  Just stay in the left hand lane.  Easy!

If you're asked to follow signs for Bath (RED DOTS) and to go straight ahead at the roundabout elect for the right hand lane on approach when the dual carriageway first starts just before the garden centre (not on the image below).  Just as you get to the roundabout, this right hand lane will split into 3.  Position yourself in the most left of those 3.  You need to follow the red dots and really stay in this left hand lane.  Remember that there is no left exit here, so you are not in anyones way, those who are going left here essentially have used the slip road.  The roundabout is semi-traffic light controlled.  When you come onto it here, there are no lights, but there are some shortly after, high-lighted by the green dots.

If you are asked to follow signs for Keynsham and to turn right at the roundabout (blue dots), then again, elect for the right hand lane and when this lane splits into 3, stay to the right.  Emerge onto the roundabout staying in the right hand lane, then after the first set of traffic lights you'll need to stay in your lane.  DO NOT keep tucked into the roundabout.  The lines that you need to follow will be on your left hand flank.  Keep them there.  It will push you out to the siding just after the exit for Bath.  This will feel very wrong, almost as if you're crossing lanes and possibly cutting people up.  Becasuse the roundbaout is traffic light controlled, no one will be coming from your left and so is therefore safe.  It's worth a little check on the mirror of course.  Have a look at the other image on the this page.  It's not the Hick's Gate, but shows what the new markings are like, hopefully giving you an insight as to how you must move across, following the marking, spiralling yourself outwards ready to leave at the 3rd exit safely.

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Red Dots - Follow the road ahead, 2nd exit to Bath

Blue Dots - Turn right at the roundabout, 3rd exit to Keynsham

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Here is a roundabout up by Filton.  It's pretty much the same as Hick's Gate, just a little smaller.  Semi-traffic light controlled with tonnes of lines all over it.  Once you see which lines apply to you, fingers crossed you can stay in the perfect position and exit correctly.  So coming from the left, approach in the right-hand lane, get next to the roundabout and then after the traffic lights, keep those division/hazard lines on your left hand flank and you end up in the outside lane and in the correct place to exit safely.  It's simple when you know how!