The Best Driving School in Bristol

 In September 2015, Insure Learner posted an article titled Best Driving Schools in the South.  A-Class Driving School took the title for "The Best Driving School in Bristol".  Here's the article below.

"We are a nation who love to drive. 80% of travelling is done in cars, only followed by rail, which consists 9% of all UK transport.

Although success rates for the driving test have decreased, interest and determination from young drivers has not faltered. In 2014, 49% of those aged 17 – 25 received their full licence and an impressive 10% of all 17 year olds had passed their Driving Test.

Here at InsureLearnerDriver we try to offer as many opportunities to the UK’s aspirational young drivers as possible. So we think it’s important to let you know what driving schools we like."

"A-Class Driving School – Bristol

Even before his seven years of teaching people to drive, Will Dracott (owner of ‘A-Class Driving School’) was teaching people English. So if  you want to pass your Driving Test or just need a little help with your punctuation, ‘A-Class Driving School’ is a good place to go.

As well as Will, there are a number of other skilled driving instructors who work for ‘A-Class Driving School’. Each instructor teaches in a unique car. So depending which instructor you go for, will effect which vehicle you learn in.

Will himself currently teaches in a Fiat 500 Twin Air. It’s small, sharpish and environmentally friendly; so you can learn to drive and feel good about it too.

man with driving licence certificate stood next to a blue car on sunny day, a class driving

Online is where Will has made a name for his business. In Last month alone, the ‘A-Class Driving School’ site received over 8,000 visitors. ‘A-Class Driving School’s’ popularity is due to their high student pass rate. Students are then proudly promoted on their Blog Page


“Having previously had poor quality lessons elsewhere, I needed someone who would be thorough, clear and really know their stuff to help shake off my bad habits, which is exactly what I got” Steven

Hourly Rate: £27.50 (see site for offers and block booking)"