Avonmouth Test Centre

Cabot Park
Merebank Rd
BS11 8AQ
0300 123 9000

Avonmouth test route trouble spots 

Below you'll find a list and step-by-step guides on what we believe to be the most challenging parts of the Avonmouth test area.  A must read for all those taking their test here.

Leaving the test centre

St.Andrews Road - Fire Station yellow box 

The Three Roundabouts - Crowley Way onto Portway

Crow lane Roundabout - Henbury

Slyvan Way Crossroads

Coming onto Portway by Sea Mills station

Henbury one-way system

Videos of the Avonmouth Test Centre test routes

Avonmouth Test RouteNo.1

Avonmouth Test Route No.3

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Common Failure Points

  • Failure to stop at stop signs when leaving the test centre
  • Caught on yellow box junction by the fire station
  • Lane discipline on large traffic light controlled roundabouts
  • Reverse bay parking exercise 
  • Response to speed changes (there's a lot)
  • Lane discipline on large spiral roundabouts

Avonmouth Test Route No.2