Southmead test centre - Westbury Village

About 70% of the test routes go through Westbury Village, so make sure you are familiar with it.  The main focal point of Westbury Village is it's roundabout and the zebra crossings at it's exits.  The village is always busy, so make sure you are really on the look out for pedestrians.  It's very easy to focus solely on the roundabout and the cars coming from the right, however, at 3 of the 4 exits you'll find zebra crossings.  The trick is to go slow.  As you are exiting, make sure you are scanning and planning either side of the crossing, as if there is someone wanting to cross, you'll have to stop for them.

Canford lane exit - This road is always an absolute disaster zone, remember what it looks like.  You have people parking in the bus stops, on double yellow lines, on the zebra crossing and in parking bays as you leave the village.  Be ultra cautious here!  Too often have I seen people fling open their car doors without checking their mirrors and try to pull away from the side of the road without looking.  You'll be the one who gets marked down if they almost hit you, so be careful.  keep at least a meter from them as you drive out of the village.

High Street exit - Again, another pedestrian crossing as you exit here.  You'll be coming back to the test centre now, less than 2 minutes to go till the end of the test.  If you have signalled to exit, which you should, you'll need to make sure your signal is cancelled.  This is because very shortly on the left there is a small road which is heavily used vehicles.  if someone is wanting to exit here and they see your siganl on, they may pull out infront of you thinking you'll be taking their turning.  Leaving the signal on could result in an automatic fail as it's seen as very dangerous.

Westbury Hill
Heading out of the village and up the Westbury Hill you have a few things to concern yourself with.  Firstly the roundabout, then the zebra crossing immediately infront of you.  There are two crossings here, so you don't have to yeild if someone is waiting on the right hand side pavement.  Only when they are at the island in the centre of the carriageway do you have to stop.  If you have signalled left to exit the roundabout, you MUST take the siganl off if it doesn't cancel.  The reason for this is the busy free car park about 40 meters up the street.  Cars are always waiting to get in and out and if they see you signalling to the left coming up the street, they may think you are about to enter the car park, and pull out infront of you causing you to slam on your brakes.  This could lead to an automatic fail.  If asked to take the first left (in the photo below a silver car is emerging from it), heading up the steep hill, then time the signal until after the carpark entrance.

Westbury Hill

Opposite is a photo of the entrance into Westbury Hill and the two zebra crossings divided by a central island.  Beware of people coming straight out fo the banks, on either side and straight onto the crossing.  They will expect you to stop for them.