The Portway onto Bridge Valley Road

If you find yourself taking the test route down The Portway into Clifton, you'll have to contend with heading up Bridge Valley Road.  After a few miles the suspension bridge will vanish from sight and it's here that you'll have to check your mirrors and work on getting your speed down to below 40mph by the time you get to the 40 signs.  Keep on braking and be at 30mph by the time you can see the traffic lights.  You'll be asked to turn left up the hill. 

Mirrors, then signal, but hold off with the position change (You'll be at position A in the photo by now).  You must not enter the bus lane.  You have to wait for the solid white line to finish.  Entering could result in an automatic fail.   Keep on braking and get a gear change in here.  You want to be in second gear.  When you can move across make sure you are traveling at around 10mph, but before you change to the left lane check that left door mirror once more (Position B - Note the red bus lane, this is what you can't go into).  This is what the examiners are watching for.  Without a door mirror check a bus, taxi or motorbike could be along side you making the sudden movement very dangerous.  After the miror check move across to the left lane and straighten up.  Make sure you keep at least a meter from the kerb as the next bend is nearly a 180 degree turn.  Being too close will cause your rear wheels to cut in and mount the kerb.  Your signal may cancel itself at this stage too.  The mechanism believes you have made your turn, so put it back on.  Failing to do so would count as a minor.  When you are finally in position to take the bend, do so slowly.  Your hands need to be very quick, but the car must be slow.  You will go on the opposite side of the road (position C), this is normal, don't worry, concentrate on getting all that turn off and back into your normal driving position and attack the hill with plenty of gas.

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