Sylvan Way/Shirehampton Road Crossroads

This set of crossroads posses a little issue travelling in just one direction, and that is up the hill.  As you come through Sea Mills square (open patch of grass land with a few traffic calming measures, a bus stop or two and a zebra crossing) you'll see the traffic lights on the hill and an option of lanes.  Normally the left hand lane is for going straight on, however, here it is the right hand lane.  On approach there are arrows on the floor, but they are so close to the lights that normally cars have stopped on them waiting for the lights, so you'll just have to remember. 

You can see in the photo below that there are two lanes the left is clearly signed just for turning left.  The arrows are only about 5 car lengths before the junction so if your exam is on a busy day with 5 or more cars waiting you may not be able to make out the directional arrows, so try to remember what this junction looks like!

UPDATE - Feb 2013
You can no longer turn right at these lights as you come up the hill.  The markings on the floor are slightly better now with "AHEAD ONLY" in the right-hand lane.

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