A-Class Driving School - Southmead Test Route - The Double Mini Roundabouts

Perhaps the most difficult junction on all of the test routes.  Once you're able to navigate your way across from each direction, being able to observe in the correct place at the right speed with full control of the car's position, then you're probably close to test standard.  The thing to remember here is that everyone is confused, noboby knows how they work, everyone is in a rush and they have no time for learners.  Be extra careful here.  Assume that everyone is a poor driver here.

double mini roundabouts

Approaching from Southmead Road (away from the test centre) could be a little confusing as options ipen up very quickly infront of you.  First of all, you have a little pedestrian crossing on approach just outside of Lidl.  Make sure you keep focused on that first, then on the roundabouts.  Just after the crossing you have two lanes on approach to the roundabout.  The left lane is for going left and straight on.  The right lane for turning right only.  The first roundabout you'll be givig way to the right, so it's not too bad.  You're looking up the hill towards the hospital, if it's clear, then slow merge onto the roundabout.  
If you're turning right, then make sure you go around the markings on the floor and no need to worry about the second roundabout. 
If you're turning left, then as soon as you've merged onto the roundabout focus on position, making sure you keep a good meter from the kerb whilst looking straight infront of you as this is your closest right-hand exit and the cars you'll need to be giving way to.
If you're going straight over you have another option.  Between the two roundabouts you can see there are marking dividing this section of road into two lanes.  I would just keep to the left for all of it.  Left lane on approach and left lane at the centre of the roundabouts.  The reason for this is safety.  It is far easier and safer to maintain a straight line here than bending your line and postion around.  See the image opposite.  The red line is what you should do, the blue lines show why you shouldn't be in the right lane.

southmead road double mini roundabout
souhtmead test routes, double mini roundabout
how to drive on double mini roundabouts
how to drive on double mini roundabouts