Southmead Test Route - Trouble Spots - Crow Lane Roundabout 

I have to say, I've never had much trouble myself or with students.  However, I've over heard several instructors in the waiting room speaking about this roundabout and so I thought I'd just write a little about it.

The main thing you'll notice on arrival here is the amount of traffic.  It's always busy.  It's the main road to Cribbs Causeway and the M5, so lots of vehicles of all sorts can be found here.  The speed limit here is 40mph too, so some people could be arriving a little on the quick side, so bear that in  mind. 

It's on four of the 16 test routes in Southmead.  It's coming from Henbury that the problems could be created.  The roundabout has a small yellow box on it to help keep the flow of traffic moving and there is also a pedestrian crossing just after the exit on the way to Cribbs which in contrast builds up congestion on the junction.  It's the cars that scream round above 20mph, then suddenly reduce their speed that could potentially be throwing people.  All it takes is a build up of cars in the outside lane, a ga is left for the box, the learner tries to emerge and doesn't spot, or realise that cars can still hammer it round on the inside lane.  Have a look at the image below to help see this.

You are the blue circled car.  The yellow box junction is infront of you.  The red circles are cars, they have all stopped on the roundabout due to the pedestrian crossing.  There is a large gap infront of you, no cars ... looks like it's safe to emerge.  The car with the yellow arrow is the problem.  If he/she is going too quick, you have no idea he/she is coming as the roundabout it raised and can't see over it.  They have clear path, they can't see you due to the stationay vehicles and it's potentially dangerous