Town Driving

Observation, judgement & awareness

  • Eye contact
  • Progress withour undue hesitation or over caution
  • Good road position for right reason
  • Early observation to reduce sudden braking and acceleration
  • Visual scanning techniques
  • Dealing with emergency vehicles

Consideration for vulnerable road users

  • Cyclists
  • Motorbike and moped riders
  • Pedestrians - young and old
  • Consideration at pedestrian crossings
  • Schools and colleges

Spatial awareness & clearance to others

  • Adequate clearance
  • Safe stopping and following distance
  • Forward planning
  • Awareness and anticpiation of other road users
  • Bus stops and bus lane awareness
  • Cycle lane awareness and procedure

Typical features of urban roads

  • Multi-lane junctions
  • Unusual roundabouts
  • Bus and cycle lanes
  • Under and Over passes
  • Road markings