Night Driving

Bristol has every type of road on it's doorstep, so you experience motorway, dual carriageway, country roads and city driving in both light and dark conditions within a one hour lesson.

Vehicle lighting & use

  • Importance of headlights - clean, working correctly, adjusted and to suit the conditions
  • Know when to use which lights and why
  • Legal aspects of fog lights
  • Avoidance of dazzling other road users - behind and ahead
  • Awareness and half-light and the trasition effect at dusk and dawn

Speed & stopping distances

  • Able to pull up within sight range
  • Adjusted to suit road, weather and visibility

Visibility - Seeing & reacting safely

  • Safety checks - windscreens and windows - clean lights and reflectors front and rear
  • Awareness and correct reaction to pedestrians - without and with reflective clothing
  • Cyclists - with and without lights
  • Intelligent prediction - pubs and clubs
  • Difference between lit and unlit roads
  • Defensive driving due to dazzle effect
  • Wet roads - surface glare


  • Safe
  • Legal
  • Convenient
  • Lighting rules
  • On and off road