Bristol is ideally situated for this module with 3 motorways all within touching distance of one another.  The junctions on and off are all different offering a good insight in what to expect when joining and leaving in other parts of the country.


  • Slip road practice - Joining coming up and going down onto motorway at speed
  • Assessing traffic - emerging and entering safely
  • Reading signs and using advance one mile marker to exit

Forward planning & observation

  • Reactions to other road users who are joining and leaving
  • Lane discipline
  • safe lane changing
  • Seperation distance from car infront
  • Reactions to signs and markings
  • Awareness and reaction
  • Judgement of faster and slower moving traffic


  • When safe
  • When necessary
  • Overtaking (MPSLMSM)
  • Effective observation of other road users in other lanes
  • Crawler lanes and slow moving traffic
  • High sided vehicles and wind/turbulence effect

Breakdowns & safety procedure

  • Planning a journey
  • Fatigue - adequate ventilation and use of services
  • Use of hard shoulder and the dangers
  • Dealing with other occupants
  • Dealing with animals
  • Emergency telephone