Dual Carriageways

The ring road in Bristol from Keynsham to Filton has everything you need to see when it comes to dual carriageways.  And if that wasn't enough we have the Portway and A38 to boot.


  • From slip road
  • From side road
  • Turing left
  • Turing right
  • Use of central reservation
  • Roundabouts
  • Assessing traffic, emerging and entering safely

Forward planning & observations

  • Reaction for other road users joining, turning and leaving
  • lane discipline
  • Safe lane changing
  • Seperation distance from the car infront
  • Reaction to road signs and markings
  • Awareness and reaction to end of dual carriageway
  • Speed limit awareness
  • Red warning triangles


  • When safe
  • When necessary
  • Overtaking using MPSLMSM
  • Effectiveobservation for other road users in other lanes