Independent Drive - Brislington Maps

The new test routes are not going to be made a matter of public record.  The routes are very similar to the old ones.  The independent drive section of the test may be of interest to students and instructors alike for practice purposes.  Here are the maps of the tests I've sat in on.   If any ADIs know of other routes, feel free to email them to me and I'll add them to the list.
driving test route map brislington

Very much towards the end of the test, in the Kingswood/Hanham area

1 - At the end turn right

2 - First left (really tight and turns back on itself)

3 - First right (almost straight away)

test route map bristol

Part 2

1 - At the end turn left

2 - Follow signs for Bristol

3 - Follow signs for Brislington and Bristol

Three quick turns here

1 - First left

2 - First right

3 - At the end turn left

brislington driving test route

Part 2

1 - Straight across at the roundabout (mini)

2 - Turn right at the roundabout (mini)

3 - Turn right at the roundabout (mini)

bristol driving test route
independent driving route bristol

This I.D starts in Keynsham and has 3 maps

1 - At the roundabout turn left (mini)

2 - At the roundabout turn right (mini)

3 - 3rd right

independent drive brislington

Part 2

1 - 2nd left

2 - At the end turn right

3 - Immediate 1st left

independent drive bristol

Part 3

1 - At the end turn right

2 - Bear right at the end of the road/Stay on the main road