Learn to drive in the knowledge that you're carbon footprint is kept to a minimum, in this LPG converted Mercedes A-Class

Bristol Driving School - Will Dracott

I'm a fully qualified driving instructor, who's extremely calm and patient ensuring your stress levels are kept to a minimum whilst you are learning to drive.

Bristol Driving School's pupil pledge

  • We never car share - all lessons are one to one 
  • All lessons are at least an hour long
  • We will collect you from home/work/university and take you back again
  • Free theory test help and advice
  • We offer unique on-line practical driving tutorials
  • 100% of our attention guaranteed - no phone calls, no eating and definately no smoking!
As mentioned in Bristol Driving School's pupil pledge, I also offer on-line support for my clients between lessons, covering all aspects of driving. In addition, I provide tutorials you can read through at your own pace complete with visuals covering all the manoeuvres and main subject areas.

Learning in the Mercedes A-Class has many advantages over other vehicles on the road; raised seating position for better visability, the wheels are in each corner of the car meaning there is no overhang making the manoeuvres far easier to perform whilst learning. 

The car feels very spacious, but is actually shorter than a Vauxhall Corsa, once again making it easy to perform those manoeuvres.

The car has also been converted to run on liquid petrolium gas (LPG/Auto Gas), emitting 20% less CO2 than petrol and 20 times less NOx than diesel.  So if you're concered about your carbon footprint and the quality of Bristol's air, no other car offers better piece of mind.

Lessons are £20 per hour.  Block booking, student, NHS and armed forces discount available. Intensive driving courses to suit. Check our rates page for further details.

Call Will on 07837 796 842 at Bristol Driving School now to book your lessons.