Worried about your carbon footprint?  Don't be, A-Class has the Worlds cleanest petrol engine - The Fiat 500 Twin Air

An array of victories have been awarded to the revolutionary TwinAir engine by Fiat Powertrain, as part of the International Engine of the Year 2011 competition. The engine gained a generous four acknowledgements, excelling over the competitors' units in all categories in which it competed.

The jury, consisting of 76 journalists and industry experts from 36 different countries, not only decreed the success of the TwinAir engine in its own displacement category (less than 1,000 cm3), but actually elected it International Engine of the Year 2011, assigning it the top award in the competition. The TwinAir engine by Fiat Powertrain also won the Best New Engine 2011 and Best Green Engine 2011 awards.

28 Green Car Rating
0 greenest to 100 most polluting

Miles per gallon (combined)
Metric: 4 litre/100km

CO2 Emissions
Vehicle tail pipe emissions only

Car tax - Standard rate 2010/11
12-month rate for cars reg since 01/03/01*

Car tax - First year rate 2010/11
12-month rate for cars reg since 01/03/01*

Fuel cost per mile
Pence per mile

Euro Emissions Standard
CO: 0.106PM: 0.000
HC+NOx: 0.11 

£0/day London Congestion Charge
Standard daily charge


Approved – this model has been selected by Next Green Car as one of the best green cars in its class.


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Alternative Fuel
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Hydrogen on demand for your car
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