Intensive driving courses and intensive driving lessons in Bristol

A One Week Intensive Driving Course

£500 for 20 hours - £25
£742.50 for 30 hours - £24.75ph

A Two Week Intensive Driving Course 

£750 for 30 hours - £25ph
£857.50 for 35 hours - £24.50ph
£960 for 40 hours - £24ph

A Month Long Intensive Driving Course

£765 for 30 hours - £25.50
£875 for 35 hours - £25
£980 for 40 hours - £24.50

If you're looking for cheap driving lessons in Bristol then look no further.  Intensive driving courses are a fantastic way to learn.  It results in learning faster, getting your licence quicker and saves money in the long run.  Yes, it's actually cheaper to invest in intensive driving lessons!

You need to contact us first to check availability, we can then discuss your needs and plan when is best to book the test and begin your intensive driving course.  Please bear in mind that the waiting time for driving exams all over Bristol is between 6 and 11 weeks all year round. 

Before starting an intensive driving course it's advised you have your provisional licence already.  If you are unsure how to obtain one, visit the Q&A page

The Semi Intensive Course

This is our preferred course and is an excellent choice for those who are still to take the theory test.  We can cater this to suit all students needs and constraints over what ever ever time period you had in mind.  The wait for a theory test is usually two weeks and then the wait for a practical is six to eleven weeks.  If you start the course whilst studying for the theory, it can help students have a higher understanding of the highway code and rules of the road.

In those two weeks we will then have a better picture of you are as a student and how many lessons you are likely to need to be a safe, competent driver, capable of passing the practical test.  There is far more flexibility with this course in terms of hours being added if needed and more importantly there is more time for you to take on-board all the information, make sense of it and apply it in your driving.

It does take time for your brain to make sense of all these new skills and experiences and most students need more than a week or two to organise this in their mind and perform to the level required behind the wheel.  You'll have extra time to use the on-line tutorials, wont be so tired (intensive courses are exhausting) and could even get out for additional training with friends and family.

We are pricing these courses the same as a month long intensive.

How many hours will I need?

Well, it all depends on the individual.  If you have some previous experience, play sports or dance, pick up practical skills easily and are in your teens or early twenties, you'll probably need fewer lessons.  You would need to be a 'natural' if you are thinking of 30 hours.  Taking the minimum number of hours, 30, is you saying that you're twice as good as the average person learning how to drive.

If you in your forties, have never played any sports in your life, find learning new practical skills difficult and have no road experience of any kind, not even on a bike, then perhaps you'll perhaps need in excess of 40, maybe even up to 50 hours.  The average, according to the DVSA, is 64!

The important thing here is to be honest.  If you try to squeeze it all into 30 hours, and after a few lessons it becomes obvious you'll not get to the standard required, you'll have to move your test to another date, perhaps even cancel it
and re-book when you're ready.

If you are not ready for the test, we can not put you forward for it.  We will inform you as soon as it becomes apparent that you are not ready for you exam, we will try and work on a plan to get you to test standard as soon as possible.

By Will Dracott 

Intensive Course FAQ

Does the price include the test fee? No, not unless you take out our complete package.  We ask that students book their own test on a day and at a time that suits them.  The cost of a practical test is £62 at the moment.
Can I book my test before I have passed my theory?
No.  The DSA will not even allow you to look at test dates before the theory has been completed.
Can I start an intensive course before I pass my theory?
You can, however, it's not the best way to do it.  The wait for a theory is around 2 weeks, and then the wait for a practical can be up to 11 weeks.  We recommend starting your course with the test booked, so by the last day you're at your peak and this is when you take the test.  The alternative is to under take our complete intensive driving course package.
Do I need a deposit?
Yes.  We ask for a £200, non-refundable deposit to secure the dates and times of your intensive course.  Too many last minute cancellations has forced us to implement this.
When does the deposit need paying?
Deposits need paying, in full, at least two weeks before your course commences. Deposits secure your course dates.  Without a deposit, the course dates could be given to someone else wanting to learn.  The remainder needs to be paid before the course starts.

What if I can't finish my course?
If you decide, before or half way through the course that you no longer wish to proceed, the money paid is non-refundable as we would have no way of filling in the space created by you pulling out.  Think carefully before applying, intensive courses are not for everyone!
Are there any other options?
Don't like theses intensive driving courses? Think you only need 20 intensive driving lessons? Call us to discuss your situation and needs further for cheap driving lessons in Bristol.

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