A-Class Driving School - Brislington Driving Test Centre Trouble Spots - Leaving the test centre

It's possible to fail the exam before even getting to the road.  Exiting the test centre has proven troublesome many students.  Two things to remember.  Firstly, go slow enough so that you can get your car into a lovely position when emerging right at position 1.  Make sure you look both ways here, the look to the left is vital.  Once you've emerged, again keeping slow move up to the end of the road and make sure you stop.  Position 2 is where I've seen first hand learners fail.  You can't see through the bushes on approach here, so stop at the giveway line and make sure you look to the right.  It's a busyt road with heavy vehicles such as trucks rumbling up and down it all day.  Also be careful of the turning immediatley on your left.  It is the exit from the retail park and again is very busy.  Make sure you complete these obvservations and get off on the right foot.